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St. Patrick's Day Crossword Puzzle

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St. Patrick's Day

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Across Down
4 What meat did the Irish Americans purchased from their jewish neighbors to substitute their traditional meat bacon on St. Patricks Day?
6 In USA, which city in what State dye their river green to celebrate St. Patrick 's Day?
8 What is patrick's Origins?
11 St. Patrick's Day is an ________ celebrated every year on March 17th.
13 Another two famous cocktail alcohol beverages that are traditionally made at a bar to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?(two word answer with '&' between)
14 What first traditional symbolic type of a particular cross the Irish customary wore to celebrate St. Patrick day?
16 This particular holiday is recognize by Church of Ireland, Anglican Communion, Eastern Orthodox Church, Lutheran Church, and the __________.
17 This ________ is influential celebration across the globe.
19 What other tradition food the Irish cooks on St. Patty's Day?(two words includes 'and' in between answer)
24 It is held on the day of this patron saint's death around AD 461(name).
25 What do everyone wears on this holiday celebration?
1 On St. Patrick's Day what brand of Irish Whiskey is mostly consumed in America during the celebration.
2 What did the mythical snakes represented what historical truth to St. Patrick's Day?
3 Centuries ago what language the Irish traditionally spoken and wrote songs to celebrate today?
5 St. Patty's Day, or the_________,
7 During his teachings across towns and cities, what did St. Patrick use to demonstrate as a symbolic relic to represent the holy Trinity?
9 Legend says he drove snakes of what island?
10 A traditional food baked for the festivities celebration on St. Patrick's Day.
12 St. Patrick's day happens to be celebrated during, a Catholic traditional holiday.
15 Saint Patrick's Day was made an official __________ feast day in the early 17th century.
18 What was not a traditional St. Patrick's symbolic item though later usage from the foreigners as a negative Irish stereotypes as a displays of 'Plastic Paddyness'?
20 St. Patrick's originally from?
21 What is today's traditional well known alcohol beer beverage mostly consumes on St. Patrick's day?
22 Where was the first parade taken place in America in 1762.
23 St. Patrick's celebrates with large________, Festivals, and Ceilithe.
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