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ST George's Day Crossword Puzzle

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St George's Day

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Across Down
6 Shakespeare play recently made into a film with Ralph Fiennes.
7 County famous for its pasty's.
8 St George's modern day nationality.
9 Library in Oxford which holds around 11 million books.
11 Her ghost still walks Hampton Court Palace.
12 Formula 1 driver who recently joined Mercedes.
14 What the word 'Dragon' means in the original Greek.
15 England Test Cricket Captain.
16 Judi Dench made her debut as 'M' in this film.
17 Wife of William Shakespeare.
22 The town of Lod in Isreal was formally known as this.
23 City that celebrates St George's Day.
1 Name of English King who makes a speech about St.George in a Shakespeare play.
2 What Shakespeare left his wife in his will.
3 Where you would find Old Harry's Rocks.
4 Former Capital of England.
5 Emperor who had St George executed.
6 Birth place of St George.
10 Winner of last years Tour de France.
13 Home town of St Bede the Venerable.
18 Character who says 'Alas, poor Yorick!'
19 Home venue of the England rugby team.
20 Shakespeares profession.
21 Winner of Best Original Song at the 2013 Academy Awards.
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