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Stars And Constellations Crossword Puzzle

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Stars and Constellations

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Across Down
7 these are found at the center of galaxies
8 is the imaginary line traced by the sun in the sky
14 enable astronomers to study extremely hot objects in space
15 the star patterns that have been discovered but have not been officially identified as a constellation
16 closest star to the earth other than the sun
17 any natural bodies outside the earth's atmosphere
18 refers to an opaque object that emits thermal radiation
20 is the apparent brightness the star would have if it were placed at a distance of 10 parsecs or 32.6 light years away from earth
25 is a telescope that gathers and focuses light
27 is a group or pattern of stars
1 are stars which explodes violently
2 suggested that hydrogen atoms in the sun fused or combined to form helium atoms
3 is the power of a star
4 the big bear
5 astronomical phenomena
6 stars with a mass about 0.8 to 10 times the solar mass of our sun
7 they result from the collapse of very massive stars
9 international astronautical union
10 is a massive ball of plasma that emits light throughout the universe
11 refers to the belief that the positions of the sun, moon, and planets against the starry background influence people's personalities and shape their lives
12 are stars which suddenly become very bright
13 are the coolest stars in the universe
16 is the measurement of the shift of a nearby object compared to distant objects when observed from two different positions
19 'the hunter'
21 is a yellow star
22 astronomical Netherlands satellite
23 is the scientific study of the objects in the univers
24 'the dragon'
26 had proposed a theory stating that a mass can be converted into energy
28 a large cloud of gas and dust
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