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Stars And Galaxies Crossword Puzzle

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Stars and Galaxies

Science Vocabulary Words

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Across Down
4 State of matter in which all atoms lose their electrons, creating a mixture of free electrons and atomic nuclei.
5 A short wave, high energy invisible radiation.
7 The theory that the Universe will go on expanding and eventually tear itself apart.
9 Objects that were too mall to tart the nuclear reactions that would make them glowing stars.
10 Study of the origin and evolution of he Univere at a whole.
13 An explosive death of a star.
15 A measure of the total amount of mat contained within an object.
1 A neutron star that emits radiation in a regular burst or pulses.
2 The study of matter and energy, and the ways in which these interact.
3 Type of matter made up of one particular atom.
6 A star that continually varies in brightness.
8 An attractive effect that any massive object has on all other massive objects.
11 Joining of the nuclei of atoms of lighter elements under pressure releasing huge amounts of energy.
12 A large assembly of stars, gas, dust, and other mate bound together by gravity.
14 Elementary particle with roughly the same as a proton.
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