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Statistics Crossword Puzzle Answer

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            S A M P L E              
                  C         P        
                  T         I        
          R A N D O M       E   M    
                  G     P   C   E    
                  R     R   H   D   S
M             Q U A N T I T A T I V E
O             U   M     M   R   A   C
D I S C R E T E         A   T   N   O
E             S         R     B     N
  P O P U L A T I O N   Y     I     D
              I               A     A
            C O N T I N U O U S     R
              N                     Y
          Q U A L I T A T I V E      
            F R E Q U E N C Y        
              E           E          
                    M E A N          
Across Down
1 A small part of the population which is chosen to represent the whole population.
4 When every member of the population has an equal chance of being selected.
9 The name given to data that is numerical.
10 The kind of data which can only take certain values. e.g. number of cars.
12 The complete set of people or objects that information is collected about.
13 The kind of data which can have any number value in a certain range. e.g. length, weight.
14 The name given to data that does not use numbers.
15 In a bar chart, the length or height of the bar represents the _________.
17 A type of average which you get by adding all the data values and dividing by the number of data values you have.
2 A chart which uses pictures to show the data.
3 This kind of chart shows how something is divided up. The area of the sector represents the number of items.
5 The middle piece of data when the data is put in size order.
6 This kind of data is collected by the person who is going to use the information.
7 This kind of data is obtained from published statistics or databases.
8 The most common or most popular data value.
9 A set of questions on a given topic.
11 Anything that distorts the data so that is does not fairly represent the population.
16 When data is collected from every person or about every object.
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