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Stock Market Crossword Puzzle

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Stock Market

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Across Down
5 a measurement of the value of a selected section of the stock market
8 it is a global electronic marketplace for buying and selling securities
9 A market in which share prices are falling, and thus discouraging buying and encouraging selling.
10 most notably known for the publication of the ___ Average--a price-weighted average of 30 of the most significant, industrial stocks traded on the NYSE and NASDAQ
12 an American stock market index based on the market capitalizations of 500 large companies that have common stock listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ.
13 a person that owns shares or equity in a corporation.
14 a company’s first sale of stock to the public
15 a payment made by a corporation to its shareholders
16 a person who makes who gets paid a commission for executing customer orders
17 a document which outlines the specific conditions that must be held by a corporation
1 a group of individuals who are specially elected by the shareholders of a corporation
2 ownership of a corporation that is indicated through the trading shares
3 One of the principal U.S. stock exchanges in which stocks, its options and futures, bonds, commodities, and indexes are traded on
4 a person who is the head, or president, of the company.
6 group of people, organized a one-unit company under legal rights
7 8-block-long street used to represent the financial markets in the US and on the east coast; NYC is most economically powerful city in the world because of the street
11 A market in which share prices are rising, and thus, encouraging buying
13 a US government agency that oversees securities transactions, the activities of economic and financial professions, and also oversees trading
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