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Structures And Forces Crossword Puzzle

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Structures And Forces

By Sanat7E

                                  2     3    
    9                           10            
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Across Down
7 The Result Of The Structure Or Part Of A Structure Losing The Ability To Support A Load
9 A Force Where An Object Gets Pushed Together That Can Cause A Decrease In Length
11 The Point Through Which The Result Of The Gravitational Forces On A Body Always Acts
13 Two Or More Cables Usually Passing Over Towers And Securely Anchored At The Ends
14 Something Made By Machines Or Humans
16 Forces Acting Outside Of An Object
19 Forces Acting Inside Of An Object
20 Something Created By Nature
22 A Beam Supported/Anchored At One End
1 The Arrangement Of And Relations Between The Parts Or Elements Of Something Complex
2 A Static Load Caused By The Weight Of Objects It Supports
3 The Great Or Extent Of Something
4 A Force Where An Object Get Pulled Or Pushed In Opposite Directions Causing Tears In A Structure
5 A Hollow Structure With A Curved Shape Providing Strength And Rigidity
6 A Static Load Caused By The Weight Of The Structure Itself
7 The Ability For A Structure To Remain Or Return Stable When Forces Act On It
8 A Object With Definite Volume And Definite Shape
10 A Network Of Connected Parts To Support Loads
12 A Force Where An Object Gets Pulled In Opposite Directions That Can Cause An Increase In Length
15 A Horizontal Structure Designed To Support A Load
17 A Force Where An Object Gets Twisted Or Rotated
18 A Plan Or Drawing To Show The Look And Function Or Workings Of An Object.
21 A Network Of Beams That Form Triangles
23 A Curved Structure Used To Support Loads
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