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Sun Crossword Puzzle

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2 What is the outermost layer of the Sun?
3 What is the process by which nuclei of small atoms combine to form a new, more massive nucleus?
4 What is an explosive release of energy that comes from the Sun and magnetic disturbances causes these to happen?
5 What is the thin layer of the Sun that glows a reddish color during eclipses?
6 What is the layer that primarily transports energy toward the exterior. Energy travels through this layer as photons.
7 What is a loop of cool, incandescent gas that extends above the Photosphere?
8 What is the visible surface of the Sun?
10 What is the layer where turbulent plasma heats up and rises to the photosphere which cools down and falls down to be heated up again?
11 What is the stream of particles emitted by the Sun that spread through the solar system?
14 What is the name for all of the elements found in the Sun?
1 What is the layer of energetic charged particles that is held in place around a planet's magnetic field?
9 What does nuclear fusion create in the core of the sun that sun's atmosphere has to control?
12 What happens when all the hydrogen in the Sun heat up?
13 What does the Sun produce when the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium occurs?
15 What is colored light the is produced by charged particles from solar winds and the magnetosphere that react with oxygen and nitrogen?
16 What is the hottest part of the Sun and our solar system? Reaches 15 million degrees Celsius
17 What are dark areas of the Sun that are cooler than the surrounding area and has a strong magnetic field?
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