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Sun And Snow Crossword Puzzle

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Sun and Snow

        4     5           6   7                        
10                     11                                
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Across Down
1 ice is very .............
4 you wear this when you are cold
7 meat eating white bears
8 you do this when you are hot
10 can lead to burning
11 no water until it rains
12 skiing down a ..............
15 You can't find two the same
18 protecting your eyes from the sun
19 Cold falling death trap
20 Biggest planet in our galaxy
21 throw these at your enemy
25 when it is hot the snow will ...........
26 going down cold hills with long sticks under your feet
27 defrosting your car from ..................
1 rolled up snow with smiles
2 can lead to skin cancer
3 kids love to do this on snow
5 you wear this when you are hot
6 ball over net with no racket
7 dropping coconuts
9 keeping your hands warm
13 sharp blades on ice
14 keeps you cool
16 when water is freezes it is ..................
17 Biggest state in North America
22 coldest season of the year
23 biggest and hottest continent
24 water sport containg water and your body
26 hottest season of the year
28 grains on beaches
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