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Surprising Facts About Sir Ernest Shackleton Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Surprising Facts About Sir Ernest Shackleton

                  T H R E E              
                        L   S            
                  N O N E   O   L        
                        P   U   O        
                        H   T   Y        
                        A   H   A        
        D   A       B   N   E   L        
        O   U       A N T A R C T I C    
        C   G       R       N   Y        
S C O T T   U       K               T    
        O   S       E N D U R A N C E    
      G R Y T R K E N               N    
    A               T         K          
    R             S I X T Y N I N E      
    M   P           N         L          
    Y O R K S H I R E         D O R M A N
        O     E               A         A
        C     A         C A I R D       V
        E     R               E         Y
        E     T                          
Across Down
1 Number of children
4 The number of crew members who died on Shackleton's expedition
9 Region explored where geographic South Pole is situated
10 Distant Shackleton descendant given-name who rerached South Pole in 2010
12 Authored this well-read book
13 Buried in this South Georgia town
16 Number of canines on Shackleton's 1914-1916 journey
18 English father originally from this place
20 Surname of wife
22 Surname of most significant donator to expedition
2 Rescued 22 of his crewmen on this Island
3 Name of ocean that surrounds Antarctic region
5 Valued trait of crew members
6 Profession that Shackleton's father preferred instead of explorer
7 Month in 1914 that Shackleton left on his epic journey
8 Three-masted sailing ship type used for expedition
11 Number of months trapped in ice prior to ship sinking
14 Military branch that disqualified Shackleton due to health issues after expedition
15 Birth place in Ireland
17 One-word telegram received from British Admirality
19 Life-long health problems with this organ
21 Military branch joined as a wee lad of 16 years
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