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Surviving The Applewhites By: Stephanie S. Tolan Crossword Puzzle

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Surviving the Applewhites By: Stephanie S. Tolan

                            1                   2                    
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Across Down
9 the newscaster that comes to do a story on the play and the family
11 the man that directs the play
13 president of the board of the Traybridge Little Theatre
15 where the auditions for the play were held
16 what the nuns hold at the end of the play to save the show
17 the girl that auditioned for Gretel but had a wretched voice
18 the play that the Applewhites put on in their barn
21 the Applewhite that shows Jake around Wit's End
22 Lucille's guru that came to visit
23 came to do a report on Sybil's new book
25 the name of the home school that the Applewhites run
27 the one that never came out of his room until the end of the book
30 name of the cottage Jake stayed in
1 where Jake came from
2 the town that the Applewhites live in
3 the kid with red spiky hair and lots of piercings
4 the dog that followed Jake around
5 the goat that kept getting out of his cage
6 one of E.D.'s friends from public school
7 the dancer that Jake likes
8 E.D.'s mother who is a writer
10 the butterfly that will complete E.D.'s butterfly project
12 where Jake would have gone if the Creative Academy didn't want him
14 the only Applewhite that takes school seriously
19 the person Jake plays in Randolph's play
20 16 acres of smoke free environment where the Applewhites live
24 Destiny's butterfly
26 the little boy that has a million questions for Jake
28 the parrot that only says bad words
29 the song everybody sings during the rain delay
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