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SW Asia And N Africa Crossword Puzzle

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SW Asia and N Africa

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Across Down
5 sea above North Africa
6 place where culture began and started
7 religion centered on the life and teachings of Jesus who is the messiah
9 culture with a written language in which people have many different kinds of jobs
11 the belief in a single god
12 removal of salt from seawater
16 desert located in North Africa
20 system of government in which the monarch has unlimited power over the government
21 Christians and Jews use this religious text
22 place where a lot of oil is found
1 a messenger of God
2 religion that revolves around study and the observance of God's law written in the Torah and expounded in the Talmud
3 situation when large numbers of educated people migrate out of a country
4 an American agricultural invention that helps supply water to dry areas
8 arabic word meaning 'struggle for reform'
10 person who moves from place to place without a permanent home
13 a leader chosen by God
14 use of violence to create fear for political reasons
15 lake that is drying out fast in North Africa
17 holy book of Islam
18 city where Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were founded
19 the country with the world's largest oil reserves
23 religion based on the Five Pillars
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