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SW Asia And North Africa Crossword Puzzle

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SW Asia and North Africa

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Across Down
2 Peopele live hear for water and trade, one of the most urbanized areas
6 The cultural hearth of _________ is their language, jobs and social customs
8 Capital is Angaza, what is the country
9 Sana'a's country
10 This city is important to all three main religions for various reasons
12 Morocco's capital
13 Algeria's capital
14 Khartourn is the capital of this country
18 This religion believes Jesus Christ was the Son of God and savior
19 Turkey's capital
20 These 5 things represent 5 things in the Islamic faith, mainly around churches
22 This regions holds ____ of the worlds petroleum and oil
23 People who wonder from place to place with no permanent home
25 Tripoli is the capital of ____
1 Capital of Lebanon
3 Belives Jesus is one of the lesser Messaiashs but Osama is the biggest
4 Main problem for this region, preading of deserts
5 Iraq's capital
7 Iran's Capital
11 Think Jesus was a nice man who helped but isn't savior
15 Where the pyramids are and the capital is Cairo of this country
16 Syria's capital
17 Saudi Arabia's capital
21 Only people of Islamic religion are allowed in here
24 Bigest income
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