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Swimming Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 a race or stroke over a given distance
3 the latex or lycra head covering
9 a division of an event when there are too many swimmers to compete at the same time
11 a building constructed for the purpose of housing a swimming pool and related equipment
12 the chemical used by pools to kill bacteria
14 when a swimmer leaves the starting block before the horn or gun
16 the certified, adult volunteers who operate the many facets of a swim competition
17 the command to take your starting position
18 the scheduled workouts a swimmer attends with their swim team
19 a portion of an event, shorter than the total distance that is timed
20 the starting sounds from the timing system
21 continuous floating markers attached to a cable stretched from the starting end to the turning end for the purpose of separating each lane
24 a specific elapsed time for swiming or rest used during swim practice
27 any single swimming competition
28 large rubber footware used during practice
2 the removeable plate that is connected to an automatic timing system
4 session of a swim meet in which the qualification heats are conducted
5 a material used to make swim suits
6 the final swimmer in a relay
7 glasses type devices worn by swimmers to keep their eyes from being irritated by the chlorine in the water
8 the volunteers sitting behind the starting blocks who are responsible for getting stop watch times on events
10 the manual timing system that records a back up time when the touch pad does not work
11 when you go fast the second half of a distance
13 the exercises and various strength programs swimmers do out of the water
15 pennants that are suspended over the width of each end of the pool approximately 15 feet from the wall
18 large 3/4 length fur lined coats worn by swimmers
22 to withdraw from an event after having declared an intention to participate
23 entering the water head first
25 awards in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors given at swim meets
26 a single stroke in the IM
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