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Switzerland Crossword Puzzle

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Enjoy this Crossword Puzzle!

                                                2   3      
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22             23                                            
Across Down
4 Formal name of Switzerland
7 Shape of the Swiss flag
8 Capital of Switzerland
10 For what kind of clocks are the swiss known?
11 What is the largest lake in Switzerland?
12 One of the most famous Alpine mountains.
15 Swiss horn blown in the traditional Calling of the Cows
18 The Swiss eat more __________ than any other nation in the world.
19 Switzerland is the birthplace of Jean Henri Dunant, founder of the ________________
22 One of the national languages of Switzerland
23 Famous book written in Switzerland by Johanna Spyri
24 Swiss Reformer
1 Mountain range in Switzerland.
2 Knife created in Switzerland
3 Worked on his theory of relativity while in Bern
5 Switzerland is known to be ____________. They have a no interference policy.
6 Swiss currency
9 World championship tennis player from Switzerland
13 Swiss are known for making luxury
14 Switzerland has more ___________ than dentists.
16 What do the Swiss burn to determine how much longer winter will be?
17 Number of national languages in Switzerland
18 Switzerland is divided into 26 ___________
20 A food for which Switzerland is famous.
21 Popular winter sport in Switzerland
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