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Talk The Talk: Baseball Lingo Crossword Puzzle

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Talk the Talk: Baseball Lingo

                          1   2                
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Across Down
5 Two games played in immediate succession.
7 A ball which is batted directly to a fielder without touching the ground.
11 When a line drive bounces on the field and over the wall in fair territory the hit is scored as a ground rule double and the batter advances to second base.
13 The defensive player whose position is behind home plate.
15 A play in which the batter makes it safely to second base without stopping.
16 A defensive play in which two offensive players are put out as a result of one continuous action.
17 The act of a fielder who handles a fair grounder and, instead of throwing to first base to put out the batter runner, throws to another base in an attempt to put out a preceding runner.
20 A fair fly ball which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort, while first and second, or first, second and third bases are occupied before the second out.
1 A legal pitch when so called by the umpire, which is struck at by the batter and missed
2 A play in which the batter makes it safely to third base without stopping.
3 The seating area for team members not currently on the playing field.
4 The official who judges the legality of individual plays and who otherwise enforces the rules of the game.
5 A player who bats instead of the pitcher.
6 The diamond-shaped portion of the playing field bordered by the four bases.
8 The score made by an offensive player who has rounded the bases and returned to home plate.
9 An illegal motion by the pitcher with one or more runners on base, entitling all runners to advance one base.
10 A play in which the batter makes it safely around all bases and back to home plate without stopping.
12 The second half of an inning.
14 A pitch which does not enter the strike zone and is not struck at by the batter.
18 The team on whose field the game is played.
19 A legally batted ball, not swung at but intentionally met with the bat and tapped within the infield.
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