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Teach For America Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Teach For America

                                S       E              
                                U       S              
                                B       O              
                                S   I   T   T          
                                I   M   E   R E C O I L
                D           U   D   P   R   E          
                I       P A N D E M O N I U M          
                S           D       S   C   U          
            A P P R O B A T I O N   E     B L U N T    
            G   U           M               O          
            I   T   M U L T I T U D E     C U N N I N G
  P O T E N T   E           N               S          
            A               I                          
            T               S U B M I S S I O N        
V O L U B L E               H                          
                        S P E C T A C L E              
                        U   D   R   O                  
                        L       I   N                  
                        L       F   S                  
                        E       L   U                  
                        N       E   L                  
Across Down
5 draw back, as with fear or pain
8 a state of extreme confusion and disorder
9 official approval
10 not sharp (used of a knife or other blade)
11 a large indefinite number
12 shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception
13 having a strong physiological or chemical effect
14 the feeling of patient humbleness
15 marked by a ready flow of speech
16 an elaborate and remarkable display on a lavish scale
1 wear off or die down
2 understandable only by an enlightened inner circle
3 charge and collect payment
4 quivering as from weakness or fear
6 have a disagreement over something
7 not lessened
9 move or cause to move back and forth
16 showing a brooding ill humor
17 something of small importance
18 have a conference in order to talk something over
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