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Teacher Roles IN The Classroom Crossword Puzzle

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Teacher Roles in the Classroom

Across Down
3 Diagnosing and evaluating learners’ needs and difficulties.
4 Managing the learners, the lessons and procedures in the classroom, e.g. controlling the group dynamic, deciding on interaction patterns, demonstrating tasks and activities, building rapport, encouraging learners, giving instructions, motivating lear
5 Developing learner autonomy. Helping learners to access resources. Providing opportunities for individual learning.
6 Assessing learners’ performance, behaviour, effort and contribution. Evaluating learners’ performance, behaviour and contribution. Testing learners’ progress and level. Providing feedback on work, progress, behaviour and contribution.
7 Giving learners advice on difficulties they may have outside of their language class. Showing understanding of issues learners bring to the classroom from outside.
8 Narrating stories and things that have happened.
9 Contributing ideas or information other than language, e.g. participating in discussions.
1 Monitoring, observing and collecting information about learner performance, behaviour, contribution, effort and progress. Keeping a written record of learners’ work.
2 Clarifying language. Correcting learner language. Consolidating learner language. Contextualising language. Eliciting language. Explaining language. Modelling language. Checking understanding of language. Personalising language. Providing language in
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