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Technical Theatre Crossword Puzzle

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Technical Theatre

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Across Down
2 Any moveable items used on the set of a play or handled by an actor
7 a narrow, elevated walkway above a theater stage usually used to adjust lights
9 The artist in charge of creating the look of the costumes for a play
10 Cosmetics, wigs, hair colorings, or other items applied to the actors to change or enhance their appearance
12 The place where actors take their costumes, wigs, and makeup on and off.
14 The small room usually set in the house for the management of the technical elements (lights and sound) needed during a play
17 Artist in charge of creating the makeup effects for the play
19 The artist responsible for the creation of the sounds heard during a performance including music and special effects
21 Person who coordinates all aspects of the production during production and performance, runs or calls the show.
26 The part of the theatre that does not include the stage or backstage areas.
28 Artist in charge of creating the lighting effects for a play
29 The artist in charge of creating the physical world in which the play will live.
32 group of actors in a play
33 A small unit of a play
34 The time at which an actor is supposed to be at rehearsal or performance
35 The main idea or moral the play deals with
36 Technicians in charge of moving scenery and props
37 A person who helps the actors with their costumes, wigs, and makeup during a play.
1 Time before the play opens for practice in the dialogue, movement, and designs
3 A stage which is framed by an arch with the audience only sitting in front. The arch frames the action like a picture frame
4 A system of ropes, counterweights, pulleys, and other related devices within a theatre that enables a tech crew to quickly move components such as curtains, lights, and set pieces on and off stage by moving them up through the air.
5 The part of the stage hidden from the audience restricted to actors and crew
6 A curtain made of an open-weave fabric that appears opaque when lit from the front, but transparent when backlit.
8 The person who discharges the correct sounds or music at the appropriate moment in the play
11 The quality and effects of sound especially when produced in an enclosed area.
13 A curtain made of an open-weave fabric that appears opaque when lit from the front, but transparent when backlit.
15 The last words or actions that come before another actor’s speech or entrance; a light, sound or curtain signal.
16 The scenery of the play; depicts time, place and mood.
18 Complete absence of light.
20 To remove a set piece or prop from the set
22 Stage is in the center and the audience sits all around.
23 A stage set with the audience sitting on three side.
24 Imaginary line running down the stage through the exact center of the proscenium opening
25 Person responsible for beginning the interpretation of the play to the audience and leading the cooperation of the designers. They have the final say and work with the actors on blocking and lines.
27 The clothes worn by actors that represent the character’s personality, era, and mood to enhance a play.
30 A person who conceives (comes up with) and creates the plans for scenery, costumes, lighting, sound, make up, hairstyles, props, etc of a performance.
31 The written words and stage directions by a playwright
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