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Across Down
2 conditions under which an individual best learns; auditory, visual, kinesthetic
4 a learning experience that has been designed by a teacher from specific learning objectives to outcomes with the use of appropriate media to enhance the learner's achievement of the objective
5 extrovert, introvert, sensing, intuitive, thinking, feeling, judging, and perceiving
6 individual characteristics such as personal values, cultural heritage, and belief systems that can have the effect communication
7 inherent capability of a learner to understand and learn
8 the instructional climate in which the student is expected to learn. It includes all aspects of the environment from the physical to the nonphysical
9 the interchange of information between two or more individuals
10 knowledge is a constructed element resulting from the learning process
11 unique psychological differences that define and affect the reception of a communicated message
1 view all behavior as a response to external stimuli
3 external factors that effect the learning process such as room temperature, noise, or lighting
11 the way in which people look at things and interpret them
12 focus on learning as a mental operation that takes place when information enters through the senses, undergoes mental manipulation, is stored, and is finally used
13 an idea or concept that offers an explanation for observed phenomena
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