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Texas Civil War Extention Crossword Puzzle

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Texas Civil War Extention

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Across Down
5 President of the confederate States of America
7 Opponent of Slavery
8 Northern states of the USA during the civil war
9 North vs. South
10 person who rents a plot of land from another person and farms it in exchange for a share of the crop
11 Texas did not want to become a non-slave state
14 people of a territory should determine if they want to be a slave state or a free state.
15 First Battle of the civil war
16 The effort to reorginze the seceded state and bring them back into the union.
17 The belief that the federal Goverment should have limited power over states
18 Nurse during the Civil War; founder of the American Red Cross
19 problems with taxes
22 Focus on the interest of ones region
1 To isolate a particular enemy area(Such as a harbor) by a warring nation using troops or warships to prevent the passage of supplies and people
2 Southern states who joined together during the civil war
3 Abraham Lincoln goes into office
4 U.S. Supreme Court ruled against him. Said that slaves were property, not people, and therefore had no right to sue.
6 The act freeing someone from slavery
12 Major turning point of the war. It is a Union Victory, and the South retreats from the North. General Lee never invades the North again.
13 people who take the law into their own hands
20 a change to the constitution
21 Withdraw from a larger unit
23 storage place for military equipment
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