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Texas Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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Texas Revolution

      9                                 10      
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Across Down
5 Belief that the US should settle land all the way to the Pacific Ocean in order to spread democracy
6 Fought against the American settlers
7 War fought in order to give American settlers independence in Texas
8 Why the Texas Revolution happened
12 Wrote a pamphlet called The War in Texas
13 Lived in the land west
14 Where the new settlers came from
15 Volunteered to set out for the Rio Grand
17 Only if you practice this can you live in Texas
19 Mexican who supported the Texas Revolution
1 Delegate to the constitutional convention
2 Location of the Alamo
3 Not allowed in Texas
4 Offered cheap land to the settlers
5 Ben Milam forced him and his soldiers to surrender
9 Controlled Texas for hundreds of years
10 To be governed by an absolute ruler
11 Spanish word for 'cottonwood'
16 Mexican living in Texas
18 South of the United States
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