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Texas Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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Texas Revolution

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Across Down
6 The battle happened on October 28,1835
7 This battle ended the Texas Revolution
9 He was a commissioner for the U.S. and was an empresario
10 This well-known battle took place on February 23-March 6,1836
11 This army won the revolution
12 Battle that started the revolution
13 This battle took place on October 9,1835
16 Texas fought against this country
19 This siege took place at San Antonio de Bexar
1 This phrase was written on a white flag that was on a canon during the Battle of Gonzales
2 He commanded at the Battle of Concepcion
3 The Bowie Knife was named after this man
4 A Texan genral
5 He was a Mexican general and was captured by Sam Houston
8 The revolution happened here
14 This man was a Mexican commander and dictator
15 He was a Mexican commander
17 He was a soldier who fought and died at the Alamo
18 He was a Texan commander
20 This battle happened on November 26,1835
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