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Textiles Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 The other plant fibre.
7 Twisting fibres into this?
9 A fabric prototype.
10 Patterns are created using a piece of wood cut-out.
12 Synthetic materials used for weed control.
15 A type of printing used on T-shirts or small runs.
17 Reacts to light
19 An amount that is added to a measurement to give spare material for seams, turnings, hems or zips.
20 Reacts to heat
22 Also known as non-woven fabric.
25 Fabrics made by using weft and warp yarns.
26 Fabric made to be stretchy.
1 A permanent colour print, works on polymers or synthetic fabrics.
2 Can be made from recycled plastic bottles.
4 Denim is made from this fibre.
5 Fabric that reacts to the environment.
6 A resist form of dyeing using wax.
8 The smallest part of a fabric.
11 Finish added to a textile product to make it easy to iron.
13 A silicon finish added to fabric?
14 An elasticated fibre, used in swimwear.
16 A technique in which fabric shapes are cut out and sewn to make a design.
18 A permanent way of adding colour to fabric.
21 The term used to describe dyes that donít come off in the wash.
22 When fibres are mixed together.
23 Using coloured threads to create a design.
24 A continuous fibre is also known as?
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