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Thayer Publishing

                    14                             15    
Across Down
5 special service that offers a one-time signing opportunity to be imprinted on items
6 refers to the actual manufacturing part of the items on the orders; typically located in warehouse
7 division specifically for Restaurant and Salon/Spa services
8 special mailings, faxes, emails sent to customers featuring special deals on our products
9 Thayer Office Manager, main supervisor
10 department charged with being liaisons for customers in assisting orders status
11 special discount or key
12 CS Team Lead/Group Leader
13 this is how emails are tracked in order to get credit for all outbound messages sent to customers
14 division specializing in a variety of Calendars, Cards and various Promotional Items
16 special services that we can do to fold, insert, seal and mail orders as specified by customers
17 refers to the type of paper material used for printed products such as greeting cards & calendars
1 the industry term for stapled; refers to a specific type of binding on a wall calendar
2 repeat customers call us to request another order exactly identical as their last order
3 refers to the spiral wire binding on a wall or tent style desk calendar
4 art & proofing department; currently consisting of 3 personnel: Erin, Sue & Joe
5 division specializing in a variety of Greeting Cards and various Promotional Items
15 products that are mailed to customers at no cost
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