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The 5 Senses Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The 5 Senses

These are parts of the organs that make the 5 senses possible

                    L     S                    
                    E     E                    
                    R     P                    
                  T A P E T U M                
                      U   U                    
                S K I N   M                    
                    S T I R R U P              
            E         U                        
          M U C O U S M E M B R A N E       P  
            S                   N   A       I  
            T A S T E B U D S   V   R E T I N A
C O C H L E A                   I   D       N  
            C E R E B R U M     L   R       A  
        I   H                 N     U          
  C H O R O I D               O     M A C U L A
    A   I   A                 S                
    M   S   N A S A L C A V I T Y              
    M       T                 R                
    E     T U R B I N A T E   I                
    R       B                 L                
            E A R C A N A L                    
                  O   E                        
                  R   R O D S                  
                  N   V                        
                  E   E                        
          F O V E A   S I N U S                
Across Down
3 It gives certain animals dominant nightvision
5 This part is all over you and helps with specifically the sense of touch
6 The tiniest bone in the human body
8 Produces mucus
12 Detect tastants
13 Converts images into electrical messages
14 A snail shaped chamber filled with liquid and cells with tiny hairs on top
15 This part of the brain controls the five senses
18 A bunch of blood vessels between the retina and the sclera
20 Allows the ability to see straight
21 It's where the air flows through
22 Curved bony ridges in the nose
23 A passageway that goes from the pinna to the eardrum
26 Cells that enable vision in dark or barely lit places
27 Home to many of the cells that allow color vision
28 Air space in your skull at the back of your nose
1 The white part of the eye
2 It divides the nose into two chambers
4 Tears exit through here
7 A pipe that joins the ear to the nose
9 Pushes the stirrup
10 Struck down by sound waves which make it vibrate
11 The part of the ear we see
16 The 'color' of the eyes
17 Opening to the nose
19 Strikes the anvil
24 The protective shield in the front of the eye
25 Send electrical messages to the brain
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