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The Alchemist Crossword Puzzle

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The Alchemist

Words found in the novel The Alchemist

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Across Down
1 A type of desert beetle which was sacred to the Ancient Egyptians. They believed that it symbolized the Sun and spiritual rebirth.
2 An Arabic word meaning 'written.' The shopkeeper uses it to refer to those thing preordained, or written, by Allah.
3 The highest point or state; culmination.
5 Not clear to the understanding; hard to perceive:
10 Someone who believes and helps to spread the teachings of another.
11 To requite to make a return for violence or injury
13 Nomadic tribes that live in the African desert.
14 Obvious or to make obvious or show.
15 Serious, dignified and sincere in manner.
17 A tree, of the near east, related to the fig tree, bearing an edible fruit.
18 To raise or represent surface designs with relief
19 The sacred writings of Islam said to be revealed by God to the prophet Muhammad during his life at Mecca and Medina.
20 A forecast or prediction.
21 To remove as by cutting or clipping.
23 Two stones given to Santiago by Melchizedek. ( three words)
24 An apartment or small house which is connected to the church, this is where the priests reside.
26 Unbelieving; or having difficulty accepting something so unexpected.
27 To dig out purposefully.
28 A wind which blows through the desert and destroys everything in its path. A very strong sandstorm.
29 A person who does not accept a particular faith
30 A Personal Legend is a true desire, which comes from the Soul of the Universe. (two words)
31 The study of religion; or a particular system or school of religious beliefs.
32 The study of acient cultures through study of material remains.
33 The name of the wind that blows off of Africa into Spain. So called because it comes from 'the Levant.' It is related to the conquest of Spain by the Moors. Santiago thinks that it brings the scent of exotic women and adventure.
34 Any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.
35 One's personal responsible decision.
37 Not exhaustible; incapable of being depleted
41 To get very interested or completely involved.
42 To feel or regret sorrow
43 Ashamed or embarrassed, disconcerted
44 Excessive excitement or enthusiasm.
45 A school for training minister,priests or rabbis.
46 To predict or discover something supernaturally (as if by magic)
1 A sheath for a sword or the like
4 To sharpen an object by grinding or friction.(two words)
6 Impulsive or unpredictable.
7 A wistful desire to return to a pleasant former point in life.
8 Dangerous or likely to betray; or guilty of betrayal.
9 A person or thing that precedes or comes after.
12 A sign of something about to happen.
16 The residence of a religious community.
20 the Alchemist uses to generate gold at the Coptic monastery in Egypt before taking his leave of Santiago. (two words)
22 Recurring or repeating again without end.
25 A feeling of thoughtful sadness; or sad manner.
26 Action without forethought; or such a tendency.
36 A journey to a special place for religious purposes.
38 To accustom a person, the mind, etc., as to a particular situation
39 To bring or put forth from a covering, threateningly or otherwise.
40 The curve projected by a flying projectile or rocket.
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