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The American Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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The American Revolution

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Across Down
11 Overall commander of the Patriot army.
12 The first skirmishes of the Revolution were fought here.
13 Ben Franklin's son and Royal Governor of New Jersey.
14 This man from Virginia wrote most of the Declaration of Independence.
15 A peace offering sent to Britian by the 2nd Continental Congress.
16 This man was the oldest founding father, inventor, scientist, printer and ambaassador to France.
17 A Prussian Captain who helped drill colonists.
18 As part of these Acts, the port of Boston was shut down.
20 The King of England during the American Revolution.
21 This was when British custom officials and soldiers were harrassed by a mob of patriots. The british opened fire and 5 colonists died including Crispus Attucks.
23 When members of the Sons Of Liberty dressed as indians and dumped tea into Boston Harbor.
25 a secret patriot resistance group.
1 This ended the American Revolution in 1783.
2 This was a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine calling for a break from Britain.
3 Colonists who were ready to fight the British in a moments notice.
4 This placed a tax on legal documents, licenses, pamphlets, almanacs and etc.
5 A patriot victory and final battle of the revolution.
6 Among other things this taxed glass,lead, paint and paper.
7 The patriots winter encampment in 1777-78.
8 This is rule imposed by military forces.
9 Colonists who remained loyal to Britain.
10 This declared the colonists independence from England.
19 One of the founders of the Sons Of Liberty - he was unsuccessful in business and Harvard educated.
22 This man helped warn those at Lexington and Concord that the British were coming.
24 Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River on Christmas day and won a battle here.
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