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The Atmosphere Crossword Puzzle

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The Atmosphere

                            1 2                              
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                18     19                                      
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                          22   23                              
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Across Down
1 Temperature reacts the same in all the layers of the atmosphere. (T or F)
7 Name one source of indoor air pollution
10 The____________ ___________ is what cause water to rotate in different directions.
13 What causes haze?
14 This is the 2nd layer of the atmosphere.
16 What affects the weather and climate around the world?
17 air pollution that forms from the interaction between chemicals in the air
19 What is radiation?
20 When are density and air pressure the greatest
24 a pollution that comes from an unidentifiable source
27 What is the movement of air form areas of low to high pressure caller?
2 contamination of air by harmful substances
3 Where is the jet stream located?
4 Which layer of the atmosphere are there ions?
5 A breeze that blows from the land to the sea
6 The _________________ particulate matter is the most dangerous.
7 a pollution that comes from an identifiable source
8 acid snow, acid rain are both forms of?
9 What pulls objects towards Earth?
11 What is the only substance that can exist as a solid, liquid and gas on Earth?
12 The majority of sunlight is what kind of light?
14 A breeze that blows from the sea to the land
15 All things absorb ______________________ from the sun.
18 What layer of the atmosphere is the farthest away from us?
21 ____________ of the sun's energy comes to the surface.
22 What does our atmosphere act like to protect us from the sun?
23 transfer of thermal energy through movement of matter
25 What in the stratosphere helps protect us from the sun's rays?
26 Transfer of thermal energy through collisions
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