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The Bean Trees Crossword Puzzle

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The Bean Trees

  5               6                                            
                                        8   9                  
            10   11                                              
        13                                   14                  
                                              18   19            
  20           21                 22                              
23           24                                                  
        25                                 26                    
                                  27               28            
  29         30           31             32                        
                  33 34         35                                
Across Down
3 Taylor's hometown
4 Who Taylor worked with at the Burger Derby
6 Where Taylor worked with Sandi at
7 When one leaves their country to come to a new country they are called...
11 What Turtle was diagnosed with
12 Angel's grandmothers religion
14 Abused as an infant
15 Man who gave Taylor her first job
16 Where Lou Ann worked after having Dwayne Ray
17 Taylor and Turtle's temporary home before meeting Lou Ann
21 Where Taylor worked after she moved
23 What Turtle buries when they pass a cemetery
25 What Taylor and her mom both have from Cherokees
28 Goes on a journey for a new life
29 Immigrant of Guatemala; quiet
33 Where Lou Ann does her grocery shopping
36 Turtle's birthplace
37 Estevan and Esperanza's daughter
38 Esperanza's fake name
39 Owner of Jesus is Lord Used Tires
1 Husband leaves her multiple times; raising newborn on her own
2 Troubled boy who Taylor went to school with
3 Where Taylors first job was at
5 Taylor's strange fear
8 Taylor's real name
9 plant that is what the whole book is about
10 number that Taylor called at the end of the book
13 The tribe Taylor has in her blood
18 What Taylor's car was missing
19 The only thing Turtle talks about
20 What you have to pass to get into a new country
22 The color Edna Poppy always wore
24 What Turtle calls everyone that bothers Taylor
26 Where Angel moved to and wanted Lou Ann to join him
27 Angel and Lou Anns baby
30 Verbally abusive to his wife; always leaves and comes back
31 Who Taylor falls in love with
32 Where Turtle was adopted
34 Blind; babysits Turtle and Dwayne Ray
35 Where Esperanza and Estevan are from
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