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The Biosphere Crossword Puzzle

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The Biosphere

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Across Down
2 group of ecosystems that have same climate, and similar plants & animals
8 all parts of the earth in which all life exists
11 the process that autotrophs use to use chemical energy to produce food
12 organisms that rely on other other organisms for their energy
13 break down organic matter - bacteria & fungi
15 groups of individuals that belong to same species & live in same area
16 the process that autrotrophs use to use sunlight to produce food
17 each step in a food chain or web that shows the flow of energy
18 group of different populations that live together in an area
19 feed on plant and animal remains & dead materials - mites, earthworms
1 a series of steps in an ecosystem that shows how energy is passed along in an ecosystem
3 collection of all organisms that live in a particular place, along with the non-living or physical environment
4 network of complex interactions that shows feeding relationships among various organisms in an ecosystem
5 total amount of living tissue within a given trophic level
6 organisms that obtain energy by eating animals
7 organisms that capture energy from sunlight OR chemicals & use that energy to produce food
9 diagrams that show the relative amount of energy, numbers, or matter contained within a trophic level
10 organisms that obtain energy by eating plants only
14 heterotrophs that consume food to get their energy
20 study of interactions among & between organisms and their environment
21 organisms that obtain energy by eating both plants and animals
22 any autotroph that produces its own food
23 individual organisms that breed & produce fertile offspring
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