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The Black Cat Crossword Puzzle

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The Black Cat

                                            1   2   3 4                          
                        7           8                                            
                              9   10                                              
                11                   12                                            
                    14               15                                            
                17                       18                 19   20         21        
                                  22           23   24   25           26              
                    27                                     28                      
        29       30                                                                
    32                   33                                                 34      
                                35   36                         37       38          
39                       40   41                             42       43              
Across Down
3 Lacking physical strength as a result of age or illness
8 Extensive fine which destroys the great deal of the property
10 Not easily understood
11 Holding and indicated position
12 To irritate or provoke to a high degree
13 Easily seen or noticed
14 Present and explain in detail
15 Difficult or impossible to understand
17 Capable of being derived
21 Show or feel elation or jubilation
22 The act of murder in a surprise attack
28 A fire breathing female monster
30 Stubbornness
32 Ask for or try to obtain from someone
33 Characterized by clear expression in few words
39 Continuing forever in the same way
40 Fatal disease
42 Deviating from what is standard or expected
45 An extremely cruel or violent act
46 Ridiculously or insultingly small
1 Able to be interpreted in two ways
2 To obtain or get care by
4 Suitable or efficient for accomplishing a purpose
5 A fixed, intense dislike
6 A bold manner
7 Well known for something bad
8 Showing despising for
9 Joined together
16 Destroy or debase the moral purity
18 The state of having a wish to do evil to others
19 Not friendly or pleasant to be with
20 Extremely unpleasant
23 Immoderate in indulgence of appetite or passion
24 Modification or adjustment
25 Not to be revoked or recalled
26 Relating to the musical period following the Renaissance
27 Calm
29 Lack of good sense
30 Unfair bias in favour of one thing or person compared with another
31 A feeling of doubt produced by one's conscience or principles
34 Shockingly frightful or dreadful
35 A medicine made by dissolving a drug in alcohol
36 Intense happiness
37 Easily managed or handled
38 A large cask or a measure of capacity for wine
40 A figment of the imagination
41 Having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgement
43 To put to rest
44 A long stick with a pointed end used for prodding animals
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