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The Blood Bank Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
6 The type of enzymes that aid in the conversion from H antigen to A antigen
8 Fy(a-b-) are resistant to invasion by this malarial parasite
9 The attachment of immune complexes to the red cell surface is called Red Cell
10 The type of donation when a friend or family member donates for a patient
12 The blood bank 'bible'
14 The anticoagulant in the tubes used for type and screen specimens
16 The H Lectin
20 The proteolytic enzyme most commonly used in hospital blood banks
1 The name of one of the creators of the Direct Antiglobulin Test
2 The product given to Rh negative women at 28 weeks
3 The number of days after transfusion that a type and screen must be kept in the blood bank
4 The part of the FDA that regulates Blood and blood products
5 The product made by thawing FFP between 1-6 degrees Celsius
7 The name of the sugar that coverts the H antigen to the B antigen
11 The acronym for Bone Marrow Transplant
13 When a patient donates blood for themselves
15 The source of radiation for the Gammacell Irradiator
17 Potentiator used in the blood bank
18 The test done when the DAT is positive for IgG
19 The phenomenon that is seen when a patient has high serum protein
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