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The British System OF Government Crossword Puzzle

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The British System of Government

  7     8                    
Across Down
3 In each electoral distric, the candidate with the most votes wins and sits in the Commons. In the so-called 'first-past-the-post' system, all other votes are ...
6 In 1215 a group of noblemen forced King John of England to respect certain rights which were set down in the Magna Carta. This group of noblemen evolved into today's ...
8 The two houses of Parliament, the House of Lords and the House of Commons, meet in the Palace of ..., which is why people often call Parliament by that name.
9 Her Majesty's Government consists of the Prime Minister (PM) and the ..., which is made up of the MPs who run the different government departments.
10 The power of the Lords is ... when compared to that of the House of Commons.
1 The UK Parliament is known as the '... of Parliaments'.
2 Each Member of Parliament (MP) represents one of 650 ... in the UK.
4 Although both houses of Parliament must, in theory, approve laws before they are submitted to the king or queen, the Lords can only ... a bill that has passed in the House of Commons.
5 The ...'s duties include opening Parliament and officially appointing the Prime Minister after his or her election.
7 The Prime Minister's office is often referred to as 'Number 10', after its address at 10 ... Street.
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