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The Color Purple Crossword Puzzle

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The Color Purple

                          1     2            
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Across Down
3 after not seeing her children for years, who takes Sofia to see them on Christmas
5 after Celie finds Nettie's letters she tries to kill Albert while shes _______ him
8 ________ also known as 'Squeak', wants to go home with Shug and Celie to be a singer (2 words)
10 the setting takes place in
11 who hides the letters Nettie sends to Celie
13 Celie's real dad Alphonso died, and she ended up with his
16 why did Alphonso lie about being the two sister's biological father (2 words)
19 after many years, Albert brings ____ to Celie's home
1 After standing up for herself to the mayor, Sofia is sentenced to
2 Albert gives up his _____ so Nettie can come to America and reunite with Celie
3 Celie opens up a sewing shop after her father dies and names it (3 words)
4 Albert wanted Nettie, but Alphonso denied because shes
6 Alphonso, Celi's father rapes her and Celie writes letters to
7 where did Shug and Celie find the letters from Nettie that Albert hid
9 who talks to Celie and finds out that Albert beats her
12 who was sexually abused by many men
14 the name of Celie's daughter is
15 In Africa, what makes Nettie realizes Alphonso lied about being her and Celie's biological father
17 the reason Nettie couldnt see Celie was because she wouldnt let Albert (2 words)
18 where does Shug see her father and makes peace with him after years
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