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The Crucible Crossword Puzzle

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The Crucible

            1                   2      
      5 6                              
              14           15            
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Across Down
4 A group of girls were caught doing this in the woods
5 female who was accused of witchcraft
7 year in which The Crucible takes place
8 maid of the Proctor household; had an affair with John Proctor
9 young minister who is an expert in witchcraft
11 farmer; husband of Elizabeth
12 head minister of Salem's church
13 major symbol of The Crucible; making accusations without proof
16 author of The Crucible
19 Tituba performs this on Abigail
20 this family had several babies die before birth
1 judge who helps with witchcraft
2 people are often accused of this
3 Rev. Parris' black slave from Barbados
6 wife of John Proctor
10 sometimes performed to remove the Devil
14 main religion of Salem
15 he is within a person who is accused of witchcraft
17 type of government; rule by God through religious officials
18 people accused of witchcraft are often accused of this illegal act
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