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The Crucible Crossword Puzzle

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The Crucible

Complete the crossword puzzle.

              1   2                                  
                      15                 16       17    
Across Down
6 found proof of a poppet and a needle stuck in the belly.
8 accused of witchcraft and the wife of John Proctor.
9 he refuses to consider that the girls might be pretending and that the accused are innocent.
10 uses his daughter to accuse his neighbor’s, which might let him be able to purchase their lands.
11 first person to start accusing innocent people of witchcraft and accused Mary Warren of witchcraft to prevent her from testifying against her.
12 appeared to be afflicted by demons and claimed to have visions of the devil; she accused several local women of witchcraft.
13 joins in with Abigail, Betty, Mercy, and Mary as the 'afflicted girls' who accuse others of witchcraft.
15 the man asked Mary Warren to pretend to be attacked by the devil.
18 the guy that fights with Danforth about Proctor should come back with a lawyer.
1 a man who said that his wife might be a witch.
2 an accuser as she accused John Proctor of witchcraft and Devil-worship.
3 a well respected town nurse and a victim to the hysteria when the Putnam's accuse her of witchcraft as she refuses to confess.
4 the man who confessed he was in adultery and falsely accused of witchcraft.
5 not concerned about justice, all he cares about is being correct about the witch trials.
7 a pivotal figure in the witch trials when she confessed to witchcraft while also making claims that both Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne participated in said witchcraft.
14 she accused Bridget Bishop, Mary Lacey, Susannah Martin, John Willard, Sarah Wilds, and George Burroughs.
16 had false accusations of witchcraft against Rebecca Nurse that starts which starts a new process.
17 was one of the first three women to be accused of witchcraft in the Salem witch trials and was accused of initially afflicting Betty Parris and Abigail Williams.
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