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The Cycling OF Matter Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Cycling of Matter

Read the clue closely, and use the word bank to complete the following crossword.

        F A T                          
W A S T E                   L          
        R U N O F F         I          
        T                   M          
        I                 T E E T H    
        L                   S          
        I                   T       P  
    B   Z               R O O T S   R  
    A   E                   N       O  
    C A R B O N D I O X I D E       T  
    T         I                     E  
    E       A T M O S P H E R E     I  
    R         R                     N  
    I     P H O T O S Y N T H E S I S  
    A   A     G                        
        L   D E C O M P O S I T I O N  
        G     N                        
        A     F                   E    
      R E S P I R A T I O N       A    
              X                   T   P
C A R B O N S I N K           F   I   H
  M           N           C   O   N   O
  M           G R E E N H O U S E G A S
  O               R   I   M   S       P
  N               O   T   B   I       H
  I               S   R   U   L       A
  A               I   A   S   F       T
                  O   T   T   U       E
                  N   E   I   E        
                          O   L        
Across Down
1 carbon-containing molecule used for energy
2 released by organisms, putting carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus into soil or water
4 when chemicals wash off farmed land onto uncontaminated land or water
5 part of some organisms that contains phosphorus
8 where nitrogen-fixing bacteria live on plants
9 absorbed by producers to make sugar
11 part of environment that phosphorus does NOT cycle through
12 process that takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere
14 breakdown of dead organisms to release carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus into soil or water
16 performed by all organisms and releases carbon dioxide
18 where carbon is stored in large amounts in the environment
22 chemical that absorbs heat in the atmosphere
1 chemical used to promote plant growth
3 reservoir of carbon in the environment
6 nitrogen-containg molecules that all organisms need
7 organisms that produce ammonia and nitrates
10 what bacteria do to nitrogen gas
13 organisms that harm ecosystems in bodies of water when excess nitrogen & phosphorus are present
15 how animals get the carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus they need
17 formed when phosphorus dissolves in water
19 what nitrogen gas is turned into in the nitrogen cycle
20 produced by energy-rich remains of organisms that died millions of years ago
21 process that uses fuels and releases carbon dioxide
23 how weathering can cause phosphorus and carbon to enter soil and water
24 form of nitrogen that plants and animals can use
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