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The Dairy Industry Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Dairy Industry

                          M   U   F                      
                        P A R L O R                      
                          M   L   U                      
                          M       I                      
          F           V E A L     T                      
      C   L               L   B                          
      A   U           M A S T I T U S                    
  M I L K I N G   B   I       B                          
      V   D   L   A   L   P O L L                        
      E       O   C   K       E   H   M I L K            
              B   T   P           O   A                  
              U   E   L   C O W   L   M                  
              L   R   A   O       S   M   C              
        H     E   I   N   L   B S T   A   O              
      L O U I S P A S T E U R     E   R   R              
        M                 M   D A I R Y I N G            
      C O L O S T R U M   B   R   N         U            
        G                 U   Y     B U T T E R   T      
B U T T E R F A T         S   P             R     W E A N
        N                   H E I F E R     N     I      
  A R T I F I C I A L L Y     R   A         S     C      
  B     Z                     I   T       J E R S E Y    
      P A S T E U R I Z A T I O N           Y       O    
        T                     D                     G    
      H I P P O C R A T E S                         U    
        O                 I                         R    
      I N F E C T I O N   L                         T    
          I   H     N     A                              
          F   E     E     G                              
          T   E         B E E F                          
          Y   S                                          
            T E A T S                                    
Across Down
4 Where are cows milked at?
6 The meat of young calves.
9 ___ is a disease that is caused by damage to the cows udder.
10 ____ too little or too long will harm the cow.
13 The knot on top of the cows head is called a ____.
15 What is the 2nd most important animal enterprise in the United States.
16 A ___ is a female of the cattle family that has calved.
19 ___ is a hormone given to cows to stimulate milk production.
20 Who created pasteurization? (2 words, no space)
21 ____ became an important part of the agricultural industry in the late 1800s.
23 ____ is the milk that contains important antibodies for the calf.
24 Class B milk is used for ___ or cheese.
26 The fat in the milk is called _____.
27 ____ means to remove and keep away from.
28 A ___ is a female that has not given birth to a calf.
30 Most cows are bred ____.
31 The ____ is the leader in butterfat production.
33 ___ is where milk is heated and then quickly cooled.
34 Who recommended milk as a medicine?
36 If high levels of ___ are found in the milk at the plant, the milk is discarded.
40 Dairy cows that are no longer profitable for milk production are sold for ____.
41 The milk exits the animal's body through it's ____.
1 ____ means to remove from the heard.
2 ______ are animals that produce milk.
3 ___ is added to yogurt for flavor.
5 Class A milk is intended for ___ milk.
7 ____ means to give birth.
8 There are references in the ___ about the production of milk.
9 The milk is picked up from the farm every other day and taken to a __ __. (2 words, no space)
11 In homogenization, the fat ___ are reduced to milk size ___. (1 word)
12 By pasteurizing milk, ___ is being killed.
14 The ____ is the most popular breed of dairy cows, they are black and white in color.
15 milk is secreted by the ___ glands of animals.
16 Who brought a dairy cow to the New World in 1493?
17 Silage comes from chopping green ___.
18 This process keeps the milk from separating.
21 The time when a cow is not producing milk is called the ___ ____. (2 words, no space)
22 The ____ is known for the yellow color of milk it produces.
25 Cows are milked ___ a day at most dairy operations.
29 Cream contains ___.
30 Dairy cattle operations are divided into two types, Class __ and ___. (2 words, no space)
32 ___ can be frozen and is low in fat.
35 Modern dairies feed cattle in lots on a feed ____.
37 How many states in the United States produce milk?
38 The United States produces more of this product than any other country in the world.
39 A cow must have a calf how many times a year in order to produce milk?
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