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The Ear Crossword Puzzle

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The Ear

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4 The middle ear contains three tiny bones known as the ossicles.
6 The central cavity of the labyrinth of the inner ear.
7 Specialized sudoriferous glands (sweat glands) located subcutaneously in the external auditory canal.
9 The rigid outer wall of the inner ear. It consists of three parts: the vestibule, semicircular canals, and cochlea.
10 one of three tube loops filled with fluid and in planes nearly at right angles with one another; concerned with equilibrium.
11 A narrow passage leading from the pharynx to the cavity of the middle ear, permitting the equalization of pressure on each side of the eardrum.
12 Nerve in the head that carries signals from the cochlea of the inner ear to the brain.
13 A membrane forming part of the organ of hearing, which vibrates in response to sound waves.
1 The organ in the inner ear found only in mammals that contains auditory sensory cells, or 'hair cells.'
2 Structure in the saccule or utricle of the inner ear, specifically in the vestibular labyrinth of vertebrates.
3 The spiral cavity of the inner ear containing the organ of Corti, which produces nerve impulses in response to sound vibrations.
4 The receptors for the senses of equilibrium and hearing are housed within a collection of fluid filled tubes and chambers.
5 The external part of the ear in humans and other mammals.
8 Is a membrane-covered opening which leads from the middle ear to the vestibule of the inner ear.
14 An opening on the medial wall of the middle ear that leads into the cochlea and is covered by the secondary tympanic membrane.
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