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The English Civil War Crossword Puzzle

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The English Civil War

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Across Down
2 They overthrew the Byzantine Empire
6 He led Parliamentarian forces
8 He was known as 'the Great Elector'
9 militant priest
10 a philosophical movement of the 18th century
11 He was the first to established the relationship between the Christian church and the state
13 to levy taxes
14 He established the Holy Synod
16 it led to the executions of many Protestants.
17 He was known as “The Lawgiver.”
19 the king possessed unlimited power;
20 Head of the Holy League
21 government officials
22 He was known as 'the Sun King'
23 It was not to be allowed in France
25 They believed Christians should not do anything that was not taught in the Bible
26 believed that kings ruled according to “divine right.”
1 he married the daughter of the king of France
3 it limitated the king's power
4 Russian noble
5 French family guilty of the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
7 Famous French Cardinal
8 Huguenots
12 power of the bishops
15 Parliament established in replacement of the Rump parliament
18 It begun in Geneva
23 stealing money
24 Presbyterian country
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