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The English Colonies Crossword Puzzle

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The English Colonies

Chapter Review

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Across Down
4 People who have left the country of their birth to live in another country.
6 The first colony to promote religious tolerance.
7 Put on trial for her religious ideas and forced out of the colony.
8 He helped improve conditions in Jamestown. (2 words)
9 Goods might be traded here before arriving in America. (2 words)
10 Crops that are always needed, such as barley, wheat, and oats. (2 words)
13 The New England economy was based on agriculture, trade, and fishing. (True/False)
14 One of the largest religious groups in New Jersey.
15 Taught the Plymouth colonists how to raise crops successfully.
1 What middle colony was founded by the Dutch, but later taken over by the English?
2 Native American Indian Chief who opposed British settlements west of the Appalachians.
3 People from many nations settled here. (2 words).
5 Englandís first effort to raise money by taxing colonists directly. (2 words)
11 A Separatist group the left England to escape persecution.
12 A Protestant group who wanted to reform the Anglican Church.
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