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The Expansion OF Europe Crossword Puzzle

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The Expansion of Europe

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Across Down
4 the buying, transporting, and selling of Africans for work in the Americas.
5 the shift that occurred as families in northwestern Europe focused on earning wages instead of producing good for household consumption.
6 merchants loan materials to rural workers who make products and give back to merchants to sell.
7 Ended the Seven Years’ War in Europe
8 transformation of large numbers of small peasant farmers into landless rural wage earners.
9 organization of artisanal production into trade-based associations, or guilds, each of which received a monopoly over its trade and the right to train apprentices and hire workers.
11 belief in free trade and competition based on Adam Smith’s argument that the invisible hand of free competition would benefit all individuals.
12 peasants using hand made tools to make supplies to sell.
13 Form of serfdom that allowed a planter or rancher to keep his workers or slaves in perpetual debt bondage by periodically advancing food, shelter, and a little money.
14 English laws that controlled the impact of goods to Britain and British colonies.
1 1723-1790. One of the best known critics of government regulations of trade and industry; a leading figure of the Scottish enlightenment.
2 fencing in fields in order to farm more effectively.
3 1674-1741. A true son of the early enlightenment, he adopted a critical attitude toward accepted ideas about farming and tried to develop better methods through empirical research.
4 period in Europe from the mid-seventeenth through the mid-nineteenth centuries during which great agricultural progress was made and the fallow, or idling of a field to replenish nutrients, was gradually eliminated.
10 English navigator who claimed the east coast of Australia (1770) for Britain and discovered several Pacific islands. (1728-1779)
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