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The Eye & Light Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Eye & Light

                    T   C                     P
                    H   O                     L
                B   I   N   U                 A
                R   N   C   P                 N
                A   N   A   R       O P A Q U E
        S   D   I   E   V   I     C   I        
      O P T I C N E R V E   G     Y   G R E E N
        E   F     L         H     A   M        
        C   F   R E F L E C T I O N   E        
L I G H T   U     C                   N        
        R   S     T R A N S L U C E N T        
        U   E     R                   S        
        M       F O C A L P O I N T            
    C             M                            
    O   S   B   F A R S I G H T E D            
    R   C   L     G                            
    N   L   A     N E A R S I G H T E D        
  T E L E S C O P E                            
    A   R   K     T R A N S P A R E N T        
        A         I                   H        
              M I C R O S C O P E     I R I S  
                  W                   C        
          C I L I A R Y           C   K        
                  V           V   O   E        
                R E F R A C T I O N   R        
        W H I T E     A   A   R   V            
                T     Y   M   T   E            
          P U P I L   S   E   U   X            
                N         R   A                
                A         A   L E N S          
Across Down
6 A material that reflects or absorbs any light that strikes it.
11 Carries the signals generated by the rods and cones to your brain (2 words).
13 The primary colors of light are red,blue, and _____.
14 Parallel rays of light hitting a smooth surface.
15 Wave that transfers energy from one place to another.
16 Frosted glass and wax paper.
17 The point where all beams of light converge (2 words).
21 A person is _____ if the image forms behind the retina.
22 A person is _____ if their eyeballs are too long for the lens.
23 Uses lenses or mirrors to collect and focus light from distant objects.
24 Clear glass, water, and air are examples of what kind of material.
26 Uses a combination of lenses to form enlarged images of very small objects.
27 Colored ring of muscle that controls the size of the pupil.
28 Muscles that change the shape of the eye lens.
31 The human eye uses _____ to form images.
34 ____ objects reflect all light waves.
35 The ____ is the part of the eye that looks black.
36 A curved piece of glass or other transparent material that is used to refract light.
1 A concave lens is ______ in the center than at its edges.
2 Mirror that curves inward.
3 Flat smooth mirror.
4 The organ that interprets signals from the rod and cone cells.
5 A plane mirror produces a virtual and _____ image.
7 Colored substances that are used to color other materials.
8 Glass prisms separate white light into a visible _____ of colors.
9 The type of reflections that occurs when parallel rays of light hit a rough or bumpy surface.
10 The primary colors of pigment are yellow,magenta, and _____.
12 Do not need a medium to travel through (2 words).
18 The transparent front surface of the eye.
19 Outer layer of the eye.
20 ____ objects absorb all light waves.
25 A convex lens is ______ in the center than at its edges.
29 As parallel rays of light pass through a(an) _____ lens, they are bent toward the center of the lens.
30 Because the light rays never meet, a concave lens can produce only a _____ image.
31 Rods and cones are the light-sensitive cells on the _____.
32 Beams of light traveling in straight lines.
33 Device uses lenses to focus light rays and record an image of an object.
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