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The Fault IN Our Stars Crossword Puzzle

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The Fault in Our Stars

                  2   3                  
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Across Down
2 Hazel wants to know the ______ of the characters in An Imperial Afflicttion.
6 Hazel stated drepression wasnt a side effect of cancer but rather what?
9 Gus is missing what body part?
10 Hazel has trouble doing what simple task?
13 What does he put between his teeth that stands for a metaphor?
14 Who shows up at Gus' funeral?
16 Her mom decided she had what kind of disorder?
17 Her support group gathered where according to the man running it?
19 Gus takes Hazel to what famous piece of art for a picnic?
20 When Patrick asked Gus his fear, what did he say?
24 Hazel and Gus go where to visit Peter Van Houten?
26 Hazel made alot of her decisions based on who?
29 At first the doctors were okay with Hazel going on the plane. True or False?
1 _______ spent her one wish on Disneyland.
3 What age was she diagnosed?
4 Her doctor suggested a _______ group.
5 Gus loves reading about_______.
7 Gus lets Issac destroy what after he and his girlfriend breaks up?
8 Gus is great or awful driver?
11 Hazel's favorite book was?
12 Issac goes ______ after his surgery.
15 What Kind of cancer does Hazel have?
18 Pain demands to be ________.
21 what word ends up being Hazel and Gus' 'always'?
22 Hazel's mom was most worried about no longer being a what, if Hazel died?
23 her doctor also referred to her cancer strucken live as a?
25 Gus asked Hazel to what place after just meeting?
27 Issac and his girlfriend continuously say __________?
28 Hazel is taking part in an experiment that is unsuccessful. True or False?
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