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The First Empires Crossword Puzzle

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The First Empires

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Across Down
3 Assyrian army were first to use this metal.
5 Another name for a political district
7 Babylon became this from trade.
8 Surrounded the city of Babylon and was so wide two chariots could pass on the road on top.
9 Assyrians hardened iron for use in these.
10 People who captured Nineveh in 612 B.C.
13 Someone who studies the stars and planets.
18 Chaldeans contributed the seven day week to our modern day ___________.
19 Held 25,000 tablets of stories and songs to the gods in Nineveh.
21 People who lived north of the Tigris River.
22 Babylon was located on a major trade route between the Mediterranean Sea and this Gulf.
24 Gardens known as one of the Seven Wonder of the Ancient World.
25 Babylon was known as the __________ and richest city.
26 Assyrians drove people into this territory after capturing a city.
27 Nebuchadnezzar built the Hanging Gardens to please this person who missed their homeland.
1 Capital of Assyria
2 Chaldeans made this to tell time and were the first to have a seven day week.
4 Group of traveling merchants
6 Chaldean king
11 Chaldeans were defeated by the Persian ______.
12 _________ Gate at the main entrance to ancient Babylon.
14 Nineveh lied along this river.
15 Nebuchadnezzar rebuilt this city as the center of the Chaldean empire.
16 Assyrians used the wheeled battering ____ powered by soldiers when attacking a walled city.
17 Hanging Gardens are one of the _______ Wonders of the Ancient World.
20 Assyrians learned how to harden iron for use in weapons from these people.
23 Assyrians erected large temples and palaces that they filled with wall carvings and __________.
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