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The French Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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The French Revolution

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8 Queen of France at the start of the Revolution, and wife of King Louis XVI.
10 pledge that was signed hat displayed the belief that political authority came from the nation's people and not from the monarchy.
12 Disbanded when the National Assembly was created.
13 They consisted of the Nobles; they received special privileges and paid no direct taxes to the king.
14 It proclaimed an end to the absolute monarchy and the start of a representative government.
15 Napoleon's policy of trying to isolate Britain from trade with Europe, the goal was to weaken Britain.
16 The wealthiest members of the Third Estate.
19 Paris-July 14, 1789, the storming of this medieval fortress and prison. The warden was killed by the mob and his head paraded around on a pike.
20 as a military conflict between the First French Empire and the allied powers of the Spanish Empire.
21 Brought an end to the absolute monarchy and a start to a representative government.
22 He was the king of France at the start of the revolution; he was weak and indecisive.
23 Spending more money than is taken in.
29 First and second estates could operate as this to stop the third estate from getting its way.
1 A palace built by Louis XIV.
2 A combination of the absolute monarchy and feudalism in France; it included the three estates.
3 A list of demands that the revolutionaries want.
4 Law court staffed by nobles that could approve or disapprove a king's decisions.
5 The monarch had absolute control over the government.
6 A medieval fort and prison in Paris used to store gun powder.
7 Parisians organized their own government which they called the...
8 the leader of the bloodiest portion of the French Revolution. He set out to build a republic of virtue.
9 Government that controlled France after the Reign of Terror ended.
11 Nobles who fled the revolution lived abroad as...
17 They consisted of the Roman Catholic Clergy; they received special privileges and paid no direct taxes.
18 Radical phase that left many dead.
24 Traditional lists of grievances written by the people.
25 They consisted of peasants and merchants; they paid high taxes and had no special privileges.
26 A direct vote where people approve or reject an idea.
27 A strong feeling of pride in and devotion to one's country.
28 Overthrew the Directory and crowned himself Emperor in 1804.
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