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The Great Fire Crossword Puzzle

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The Great Fire

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Across Down
2 Walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace.
4 A large, densely packed crowd of people or animals.
6 A place or position affording a good view of something.
8 The great size or extent of something.
9 Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.
10 Incapable of producing any useful result; pointless.
11 Having a large population; densely populated.
13 A period of two weeks.
14 A forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something.
19 A state of complete emptiness or destruction.
20 A place where bodies are kept, especially to be identified or claimed.
1 Extreme tiredness, typically resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness.
3 A person made weak or disabled by illness or injury.
5 Scatter among or between other things; place here and there.
7 Feeling or appearing troubled or nervous.
12 Giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen; threatening; inauspicious.
15 An institution offering shelter and support to people who are mentally ill.
16 Completely lacking in subtlety; very obvious.
17 A small piece of partly burned coal or wood that has stopped giving off flames but still has combustible matter in it.
18 A large fire that is dangerously out of control.
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