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The Great Gatsby Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Great Gatsby

                  W O L F S H E I M            
              S O L D I E R                    
                    N O S E                    
                  F A T H E R                  
      G O L F       K             T            
            S       E             O W L E Y E S
        N I C K C A R R A W A Y   M            
            O                     B            
      M Y R T L E W I L S O N   P U P P Y      
            T                     C            
            F           O         H            
        K L I P S P R I N G E R   A            
            T           E         N            
J A Y G A T Z                     A            
            G E O R G E W I L S O N            
S U I C I D E                                  
            R   P     B   P   T                
          V A L L E Y O F A S H E S            
            L   A     O   R   I                
            D   Z     T   T   R                
                A     L   I   T                
                H     E   E   Y     D          
                O     G   S         A          
                T     G             I          
                E   M I C H A E L I S          
                L     N             Y          
                      G A T S B Y              
Across Down
2 Gatsby's partner in his illegal business
3 Gatsby's profession when he first met Daisy
4 Tom breaks Myrtle's ____
5 Relation to Gatsby that Nick didn't know existed until Gatsby's funeral
6 Jordan plays this professionally
9 A drunk who Nick meets at the first party of Gatsby's he attends
10 Young man from Minnesota that moves to New York City after being educated at Yale
11 Tom's mistress
12 Tom's gift to his mistress
14 Guest who never left one of Gatsby's parties. Now he plays the piano in his mansion
15 Gatsby's real name
16 Owner of the run-down auto shop at the edge of the Valley of Ashes
17 The way of death for Tom
22 Place between East and West Egg
24 Witnessed the hit-and-run
25 Protagonist in the novel, known for his outrageous parties
1 Daisy's friend who Nick becomes intrigued with
7 Author of the novel
8 Daisy's wealthy husband
13 The story takes place after World War__
18 Place where relations split up above while a wedding took place below
19 Tom suspects Gatsby's money is made from doing this
20 People came from all over to go to these
21 It was a big turning point in Nick's life when he turned this age
23 Nick's cousin whom Gatsby is in love with
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