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The Great Trouble Crossword Puzzle

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The Great Trouble

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Across Down
11 This is what people call the time period where cholera took place.
12 This is what the council decided to have removed.
13 This company gets water from the Broad Street pump to make ale.
14 This is Eel's side job and earns a couple shillings collecting coal.
15 Dr. Snow thinks that if morbid materials touch this part of the body then the person will get infected.
17 Thumb-less Jake said this person died by falling into a cesspool
18 This is what Thumbless Jake calls humans at the end of the book
19 This is how Dr. Snow thinks cholera is spread by _____morbid material.
21 A popular frozen treat sold on street corners.
22 This is what people call homeless kids living near the Thames River
24 This is Eel's salary for when he is working for Dr. Snow.
25 After helping this man, Eel was rewarded a hot and delicious meat pie.
26 This is what the General Registers Office used to be called
28 A man who is trying to kidnap Eel throughout the story.
30 This is Eel's cat's full name
32 People who drank from the pump on this street ended up getting cholera.
36 This is where Eel got fired from before working for Dr. Snow.
37 Florrie gives Eel this every time he does something amazing.
1 One of Dr. Snow's guinea pigs gets sick from the water in its bowl, which gives him and Eel a new strategy.
2 This is the career Eel considers at the end of the book.
3 A disease that killed 615 people and was called the Blue Death.
4 Eel spreads the rumor that he____ in the Thames River.
5 What Fisheye Bill Tyler wants Henry to become
6 This object was washed in a well, killing 615 people.
7 This is what Fisheye Bill used to beat Eel.
8 This is one of the reasons why people got cholera.
9 Eel makes a couple shillings collecting and selling this object.
10 Dr. Snow and Eel's next mission is to find the cure for this.
11 This is where Eel and Dr. Snow get info. on people who have died of cholera.
16 This is where the story takes place.
20 The index case of the blue death.
23 Dr. Snow gave this to the queen of England to help with childbirth pains
27 People use this phrase when referring directly to cholera.
29 She is the case of cholera who wins the council over and gets them to remove the Broad Street pump.
31 The walls of the cesspool had _____bricks, contaminating the well with human feces.
33 This person went to each victim's family to pray and console them.
34 The name of the river where the mudlarks live
35 Cholera is an ___ because it is a widespread disease.
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